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 1920 Census Questions



I just know

PLEASE!  How can I find 1930 census records?

they're in here somewhere!


The 1920 census population schedules reveal an enormous amount of family history information. 

Find your family in the 1920 census records and you will find your ancestor's age, birthplace, and family relationships. Learn who was living in the home in 1920. Learn the occupations of family members. 

Discover where the family came from by reading their years of immigration and naturalization, naturalization status, and native language. 

The 1920 census also lists the birthplace and native language of each individual's father and mother, providing you with valuable information to trace your ancestry back another generation.

Did the family own or rent their home? What was the street address of their home? Could each family member read or write? 

These questions, and more, are answered on the 1920 U.S. Federal Census, available in a searchable format at's US Federal Census Records Collection

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