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Census Records Notes 

For Ireland

The first Irish census to survive intact is 1901. 

The 1911 Irish census did survive and is available at the National Archives of Ireland.

Earlier Irish census records were largely destroyed by fire. There are fragments which have been transcribed by genealogists but these include only a very small amount of the original records.

The best known Irish census substitute is Griffith's Valuations which was a listing of who the renters were and who owned the property.  It was begun about 1848.

Information source:

Christina Hunt.

The 1766 Religious Census of Ireland

by Sherry Irvine

About the 1766 Religious Census of Ireland:

In 1766, the Irish Parliament ordered all Church of Ireland ministers in their respective parishes to prepare a list of householders and their religious affiliation (church of Ireland, Catholic or Presbyterian). In addition the ministers were required to include information about........ Read More

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For Irish births, marriages and deaths after 1864 and Church of Ireland marriages since 1 April 1845:

General Register Office

8-11 Lombard Street

East Dublin 2, Ireland

Irish Vital Records before 1864 are held in Parish Registers.  Most of these have been microfilmed up until 1880 and are available at:

National Library

Kildare Street

Dublin 2, Ireland

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The General Register Office

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Census records online in Ireland:

 UK Databases at

 1702 Irish Pensioners of William III Huguenot Regiments

 1709 Irish Revenue Commissioners 

 1824 Pigot's Provincial Directory of Ireland Images

 1846 Slater's Commercial Directory of Ireland Images

 1901 Census of Ireland at The National Archives of Ireland

 1911 Census of Ireland at The National Archives of Ireland

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County Sligo   Sligo GenWeb   Sligo IGP   Sligo Message Board

Census of Sligo

1659 Census of County Sligo (A compiled census substitute)

1749 Census Records Index

1749 Census Records Transcription

1901 Census Records Search Engine

1901 Census Records Transcription (partial)

1901 Census of Castleconner

1901 Census of Drumcliffe

1901 Census of Easky

1901 Census of Kilglass

1901 Census of Kilmacshalgan

1901 Census of Kilmoremoy

1901 Census of Templeboy

1901 Census Records for County Sligo

1901 Census Records for Mercy Convent

1911 Census of Cooga

1911 Census of Bellafarney, Kilmacshalgan Parish


Directories of Sligo

1870 Slater's Directory of Connaught

1931 Trade Directory for County Sligo 


Valuations of Sligo

Griffiths Valuations of Castleconnor

1858 Griffith's Valuation


Other County Sligo Genealogy Records

Early Wills Index (partial)

1500s Chancery Records

1729 Presbyterian Exodus, Sligo

1796 Flax Growers

1800s Castle Connor Parish Records

1824 Tithe Applotment Records

1824 Balynakill Tithe Applotment

1824 Balysummaghan Tithe Applotment

1824 Drumcolumb Tithe Applotment

1824 Kilmacallon Tithe Applotment

1824 Kilross Tithe Applotment

1824 Sligo Tithe Applotment Book

1824 Tawnagh Tithe Applotment

1827 Achrony Tithe Applotment

1833 Diocese of Killala, Parish of Easky Tithe Applotment Part 1

1833 Diocese of Killala, Parish of Easky Tithe Applotment Part 2

1834 Kilgrass Parish Tithes Applotments Partial

1834 Official Authorities of County Sligo

1833 Templeboy Tithe Applotments

1870s Landowners

County Tipperary   

Tipperary GenWeb   Tipperary IGP   Tipperary Message Board

Census of Tipperary

1659 Census Image of Lower Clanwilliam Barony

1659 Census Image of Eliogurty & Ikerryn Barony

1659 Census Image of Iffay & Offay Barony

1659 Census Image of Kilnamanagh Barony

1659 Census Image of Middlethird Barony

1659 Census Image of Lower Ormond Barony

1659 Census Image of Upper Ormond Barony

1659 Census Image of Owny & Arra Barony

1659 Census Image of Sleavordagh Barony

1766 Religious Census

1799 Unofficial census of Carrick

1821 Census Fragments

1901 & 1911 Census Transcriptions

1911 Census - Tipperary Families


Directories of Tipperary

1787 Directory of Clonmel

1824 Pigot's Directory

1856 Slater's Directory of Tipperary

1889 Bassets Directory


Tithe Applotments for Tipperary

Assorted Tithe Applotment Records for County Tipperary

Tithe Applotment Records for Killardry Parish

1828 Parish Tithe Applotment Books

1828 Tithe Applotment Records - Indexed by Surname

1831 Tithe Defaulters in Templeachally and Kilmastulla Parishes

1833 Tithe Applotment Records for Thurles Parish

1834 Tithes for Kilshane Parish


Valuations of Tipperary

1848-1864 Griffiths Valuations


Other County Tipperary Genealogy Records

Birth & Baptismal Records

Birth Register Indices

1660-1661 Poll Books

1665 Hearth Money Rolls for Drom and Inch Parish (partial)

1744 Tenants of the Lordship of Thurles

1750 Popish Inhabitants of the Half Barony of Ikerrin

1775 Catholic Inhabitants Who Swore Oaths of Allegiance to the King

1775 Yearly Estates

1776 Freeholders List

1828-1855 Emigrant Index

1838-1847 Parish Registers for Loughkeen / Birr Parish

1840s Thurles & Nenagh Union Ratepayers

1840s Thurles Union Ratepayers

1850s Encumbered Estates

1856-1866 Emigrant Index

1858 Cormack Petition Signers - Surnames A-B

1858 Cormack Petition Signers - Surnames C-E

1858 Cormack Petition Signers - Surnames F-L

1858 Cormack Petition Signers - Surnames M-Y

1864-1879 Births in Clonmel

1870s Land Owners

1844-1877 Coroner Inquests

1883 Parnell Testimonial Supporters List

1889 Residents and Farmers Index From "The Book of County Tipperary"

County Tyrone   Tyrone GenWeb   Tyrone IGP   Tyrone Message Board

Census of Tyrone

1766 Religious Census Returns for Parishes of Aghalow & Carnteel

1766 Religious Census Returns for Dungannon Parish (Drumglass & Tullaniskan)

1766 Religious Census, Returns for Dungannon Parish at

1901 Census Records Search 


Directories of Tyrone

1839 Trade Directory for Strabane

1846 Slaters Directory for Aughnacloy

1846 Slaters Directory for Dungannon

1846 Slaters Directory for Newtownstewart

1874 Donemana Directory


Valuations of Tyrone

Griffiths of Donacavey Parish 

Various Abstracts From Griffith's Valuation


Military Records of Tyrone

1630 Muster Roll for Strabane

1745 Muster Roll for Donelong

1832 Military Index 


Other Records

Civil Registration Birth Records for Coagh

Householders Index

Various Church Records Online

1600s-1900 Freeholders Search Engine (Excellent Resource!)

1622 Inhabitants of Stewartstown

1666 Hearth Money Rolls for Donagheady

1666 Hearth Money Rolls for Dungannon

1666 Subsidy Rolls for Dungannon

1823-1837 Tithe Applotment Books

1834 Official Authorities of County Tyrone 

1841-1851 Old Age Pension Claims in the Barony of Dungannon

1876 Land Owners

County Waterford   Waterford IGP   Waterford Message Board

Census of Waterford

1821 Census Extractions

1851 Census Extractions

1901 Census of Lismore and Mocollop Parishes


Directories of Waterford

1788-1994 Trade Directories Online at Waterford Library

1824 Pigot's Directory of Cappoquin

1824 Pigot's Directory of Kilmacthomas

1824 Pigot's Directory of Lismore


Military Records of Waterford

WWI Deaths


Valuations of Waterford

1848-1864 Griffiths Valuations Online at Waterford Library

1851 Griffiths Valuation for County Waterford


Other County Waterford Genealogy Records

1100-1600 Surnames of Waterford

1826 Tithe Applotment Book for Kilmacleague Parish

1826 Tithe Applotment Book for Kilmacomb Parish

1848-1851 Land Owners in Lismore and Mocollop Parishes

1864-1901 Death Register Search at Waterford Library

1870s Landowners

County Westmeath   

Westmeath GenWeb   Westmeath IGP   Westmeath Message Board

Census of Westmeath

1901 Census Records Transcription (partial)


Other County Westmeath Genealogy Records

1870s Land Owners

County Wexford   Wexford GenWeb   Wexford IGP   Wexford Message Board

Census of Wexford

1901 Census Records Transcription (partial)

1901 Census Index for Kilmore

1901 Census Transcription for Kilmore


Valuations of Wexford

1847-1860 Griffith's Valuation (partial)


Other County Wexford Genealogy Records

Carlow & Wexford emigrants to Canada 1817

Hidden Wexford Genealogy - Records of Wexford Institutions

1640 Civil Survey for County Wexford

1833 Tithe Applotment for Kilmore

1846-1851 Immigrants From Wexford to New York Port

1870s Land Owners in County Wexford


Other County Wexford Resources

WT Genealogy - More genealogy resources for the Town of Wexford, Ireland.

County Wicklow   Wicklow GenWeb   Wicklow IGP   Wicklow Message Board

Census of Wicklow

1851 Wicklow Census Strays found in England

1901 & 1911 Combined Census Records for Arklow Parish

People from Wicklow found in the United States Census


Directories of Wicklow

1931 Trades Directory for County Wicklow  


Valuations of Wicklow

1865 Griffiths Valuation


Other County Wicklow Genealogy Records

1669 Hearth Money Rolls for Arklow 

1797-1804 United Irishmen of Wicklow

1833 Baptism Records for Clonegal

1834 Official Authorities of County Wicklow 

1835-1836 Baptism Records for Rathdrum


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